Monday, May 25, 2015

Jungle Celebrates July 4 - Um, Last Year

Hey, I'm a little behind the updates and a little behind Jungle. It's July 2014, how's everyone doing?


She's anchored in Glorietta Bay, Coronado, all dressed up for the festivities and company,


Flags are flying everywhere!


The Admiral makes a final inspection


We are looking good and ready to go.


Other boats get set up as well.


Lots of other boats.


The boats raft up in groups so the party can begin.


And the party is underway aboard Jungle


And party it is - with Jenée's American Flag cake - oh boy!


With the festivities over, Jenée and I take is a Jaguar rally going on next to our marina in San Diego.


Check out the cars


Very cool - always dug the Jags.


Jungle is resting in her slip. Which is a good thing, because we bought a new house.


We now live in San Clemente and over look a golf course to the Pacific Ocean. I played this course and found out I still suck at golf. Hey, at least I'm aware.


You can see San Clemente Island 50 miles away on the horizon on the right side of this picture.


Sunsets are quite spectacular - we are glad to be back on the water after spending 5 years in Laguna Beach. Oh, and sailing around for 4+ years was nice !


It keeps getting better.

We can see the lights on in San Clemente below us.

Even the moon rise is spectacular.

We have a great view of the Pacific from our kitchen. Jenée took one look at this view during our initial tour of this property and said "I want it". Done and done.



Linda A. Fraine said...

Awesome. Glad you are enjoying life. Love the new views:)

Glenn Larkin said...

Well, this will be the last comment on the Jungle Jim... Sorry to see the end, but it was fun following his sails...

Fins up!