Monday, March 23, 2015

Jungle Working

It's Easter 2014 and time for a family brunch. On a golf course. In Newport Beach. I'm a little late on this update - so sue me.

Jenée's family is here.

And it's a beautiful day at Big Canyon Country Club.

Getting ready for a family photo. This is a test smile.

We don't have everyone in the photo, oh well. That's Andy and fiancé Kayleigh Horn. Sheri Horn, Her sister Jenée and Jenée's baby Garrett. Kayleigh is a junior member of the club and the ladies champion. You could say it runs in the family. If you saw my game, you'd say, not so much.

Weeks later, Jenée's Mom Charlene and sister Sheri join us for dinner in San Diego.

And later still we are joined by Jenée's friend Martha for a lobster feast at the Boathouse restaurant next to our marina and Jungle.

Jenée and BFF Martha Williams.

And me with are Martha's two dumplings.

Time to go for a cruise over to Coronado.

Passing a tall ship along the way.

At anchor we are joined by our marina friends Mark and Holly and Amos and Shari for a cocktail.

The ladies enjoy the sunny weather - it's always sunny aboard Jungle.

The next day, Jenée and I take the ferry back into San Diego for a little food shopping.

We continue our bike ride.

We join friends Dennis and Lori Puddester for dinner and a silly picture.

Back on board Jungle it's time to get back to work. First up is a servicing of the bow thruster.

Revarnish of the teak toe rails.

And a long delayed refinish inside the pilot house. Years of moisture have affected the veneer wood finish of the pilot house walls. First step is to remove the old cracked veneer...

Patch over with new veneer panelling ...

Then a filling and fairing of the gaps between old veneer (painted white) and the new veneer (natural wood color). This is the starboard side of the pilot house.

This is the port side with the new veneer...

Filled and faired to cover the gaps...

Painted white to cover all.

Look at the finished product with trim put back in place - sweet.

More repair work to be done...

And the finished product.

Time to paint the seats....

Voila !

I painted the complete Pilot House. We're happy with the results.

And then moved on to the main engine ...

Dinner anyone?


While we're at it, how about a brand new toilet !? What fun we have aboard Jungle.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Update from SoCal

It's been a while kids, but we're back. Katie and I will catch you up with what's been going on. We begin our update from this past spring.

We begin with cocktails on board Jungle - of course we do.


We go to one of our favorite spots on Coronado - The Del Coronado Hotel where Jenée starts her day with yoga on the beach.

... While I mind the bikes, including our brand new folding bike. Sweet.

After yoga, or what we Bostonians call yog-er, we pedal to the north side of Coronado and a view across the bay to downtown San Diego.

A better view.

We rest at a little park along the way.

The US Navy is always in sight.

As is the USS Midway from WWII.

We love this gourmet Mexican restaurant and the view downtown. That's right, I said gourmet.

A quick selfie

Now, a commercial break. That's my fused right ankle with those 3" dry wall screws in place. End result is I fell great and walk without pain for the first time in 10 years. Hurray for me!

And we check in on Frank and Lorraine Fraine. My parents are on their 67 year of marriage. I visited just before my Dad's passing. He is the best man I'll ever know - love you Dad.

Back at our marina, Garrett joins us on board for dinner. Always great to see our man.

We're heading back down for a weekend in Coronado.

Turns out, it's "cool old car" week on Coronado. Jenée is off to yog-er, so I'm going stag baby!

Lots of sweet rides

Like yellow.

This is the after photo.

This is the before photo

Dig them colors.

You gotta have a red Vette in there

And a Woody

All these cars a beautifully restored.

Turquoise was a big color in the 50's.

Now we're talking - a station wagon. This is the way I rolled as a kid.

Lots of cars. Time to go meet up with my darling.

And of course, have lunch.

I tour the car scene again with Jenée.


VW Bus. Our brother in law Brian was a big surfer dude and this was his sled of choice.

We love these colors.

Jenée's Dad had this exact model and color Corvette.

A more serious ride

Cars, cars, cars ...

I really liked this Buick. Check out the fins - aerodynamic!

They even have a band and dancing In the street!

Winners circle.

I always liked this vintage Dodge Challenger.

We are back aboard Jungle over looking Glorietta Bay.

The next morning on our way home, I run into the U.S. navy.

Just us and them on the bay.

We'll let 'em go this time - they work hard. We'll talk again soon.